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It's Okay to Take a Break

If you have ever researched what it takes to do a side hustle effectively, you’ll see some advice that sounds like: Hustle. Consistency. Persistence. 

Those words are highly contagious and persuasive. People, including myself, may explain the small business as a “side hustle.” Brand marketers will tell you to post daily, even twice daily with stories on Instagram. And that you might not see growth right away. It might take months or years. 

That does not mean you need to burn yourself out.

First, take some time to reflect:

  • Are you feeling tired and trudging along?
  • Are you saying no to personal time, family time, and friend time a little too much?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you not remember the last break you took?

Think about what a break means to you:

  • A deep breath
  • 5 minute meditation
  • Journaling
  • Going on a walk
  • Getting off instagram/social media for a month +
  • Reading a fun book
  • Going on vacation

It’s OKAY to:

  • Take time for yourself
  • Reflect on why you started the small business in the first place
  • Gather your thoughts 
  • Not know what to do next or what your future holds (rarely anyone does!)


  • It’s important to think about yourself and what you need
  • You can’t be there for others unless you are there for yourself
  • You have time. You don’t need and can’t do everything right now.

Having a strong brand and more sales takes time. If you start to think about your goals in a 5 year plan, you begin to recognize that you do not need to work yourself to death every day, on top of the full time job you may already have.

You can take a break to enjoy the outdoors. You can take months off Instagram to focus on mental health. You can go on that vacation. And to be honest, you should. People are happier when they give themselves time to breathe and take life in. 

When you work around the clock, you might lose sight of why you started your journey of creating a small business, a passion project. Take a break and remember why you are doing this. Refocus yourself to enjoy the process rather than go into a sleepless despair. Listen to what YOU need and then take action. 


  • People will not forget about you just because you took a break off social media
  • Your mental health is more important than a post online
  • It’s a long-term goal and you will get there. Everyone’s time frames are different and that’s okay.

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