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How to Draw Funny Faces

In other blog posts, topics about proportions were covered. We’ll briiieeefly discuss that here but mostly, we’re here to have fun and mess around with faces. These are more cartoony and I’ll give you a variety of tools to create your own funny faces.

Here’s a “typical” face

Now let’s have some fun!

You can kind of “mess” with the proportions to make characters more cartoony and funny! Check it out here:

Also, you can see that not just moving the eye, nose, and mouth lines can totally change how a face looks, but can also convey emotion. See it to believe it!

Here’s a cheat sheet to refer back to when thinking of what kind of eyes, noses, mouths, and ears you want to include in your own character creation! Have fun with it and make more than one!

Mix and match to make funny faces! Below, I’ve included some examples of finished pieces I made. You’ll also see some examples of head shapes and accessories/hair which I’ve noted below. Check it out!

Which one is your favorite?

What would you name them? Make a team, family, cluster, of lil characters. Can’t wait to see them! Send them by DM’ing on Insta @kara_artwork or emailing karaglassartwork at Also, let me know what else you want to learn about!

Hope this inspired you to have fun with your art and sometimes not think, just do when it comes to art! See what you come out with. I definitely didn’t plan any of the characters I made and honestly love how they came out. 

Background stories for my characters:

I picture middle bottom row a “Charlie” because he’s a sweet, older man, at times mistaken for Santa who didn’t eat enough but instead of being offended, he invites the person in for a cup of tea. I picture top right as  “Detective Rob” because he’s a secondary character in a tv show (in my head) and his whole role is to pretend to help but really just gathering information to rob the person. And top left “Sal” because her parents named her Sally but she hates it. She’s secretly a genius but nervous to tell the world. She is confident to deny Sally as her name though and step in front of her parents, head held high, anytime they introduce her as such.

Like I said, have fun with it!

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